If you have a 1998 - 2003 New Beetle TDI you might find that your car gets hard to start or it won't start at all one morning after sitting overnight. It is likely a leaky seal in your injection pump. The pump head seal is the most likely seal to cause a no-start. For this we sell the upgraded Viton replacement head seal below. You might also see diesel fuel coating your injection pump and if so, that leak can be fixed with the two roughly rectangular quantity adjuster seals found in the Bosch seal kit below. TDI pumps are very reliable but every 10 or 15 years you will need to change your three main pump seals to keep your New Beetle going. The dealer will likely tell you that you have to replace the pump if it is leaking which is not true! Get all of your pump seals and the special tool here and get back on the road for less than $60! We've helped thousands of people just like you reseal your pump. You can do it!