Bosch Injection Pump Seal Kit for TDI

Don't replace that New Beetle injection pump, reseal it!

Thousands of our customers have fixed their leaking TDI injector pump's quantity adjuster seals with this official Bosch TDI injection pump seal kit. Kit includes seals to reseal all leaking injection pumps on 1998-2003 New Beetle TDI cars. The green round pump head seal in this kit is Buna rubber not Viton. We highly recommend you also purchase the $9.00 Viton pump head o-ring seal kit available at the bottom of this page. Replacement of the two rectangular quantity adjuster seals requires the Metalnerd MN3001 triangular socket which is available below. To see how to successfully replace the quantity adjuster seals we highly recommend that you read this thread on TDI Club!

Please note that the only seals you are likely to need in this kit are the two big ones at the top of the photo and maybe the green one on the left. We do not recommend changing any other seals unless they are leaking.

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