First Gear Getter

Has your New Beetle lost first or fifth gear?

Get reunited with your first gear! Repair the sloppy, damaged or missing relay ball on your year model 2000 and newer New Beetle shift lever with this innovative CNC machined bell crank relay socket. When your relay ball bushing develops a flat spot or disintegrates you will find that it is hard to get into first gear without pushing the shifter stick very hard to the left. You might even readjust your shifter to enable you to get first and second gears but then that makes it darn near impossible to get fifth gear. The dealer alternative to this repair kit is to buy a new shifter shaft assembly from the dealer for around $100 and then drop the exhaust, heat shield and shifter box to install it. To install this part you only have to remove the center console inside the cabin and snap the part into the steel bell crank to the left of the shifter stick. Just make sure to remove what's left of your old relay bushing before you install this part. See videos below for install instructions.

Install Hint: Save yourself some serious grief and buy a high quality T25 Torx driver or socket to remove the pivot screw for the steel bracket that the First Gear Getter fits into. The T25 screw will be very tight and the head will be easy to strip out. If you happen to strip out the head then you will need to drill the head off with a 13/64" drill bit. After that, the remaining shank of the 5mm screw will unthread easily. We are now providing an extra M5 Allen screw in case you strip the head of the stock Torx T25 screw. The replacement screw has a 4mm Allen drive.

*Install videos are below. Removing the center console is covered in the Robert Bentley service manual. Other videos provided to improve shifting action.


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