Sigma 5 Short Shift Kit for 2000-2010 Five Speed New Beetles

" I appreciate my Sigma shifter every time I shift. It's not about speed shifting. It's about positive feedback from the car each and every shift." -Anuthee Huffsttetter

" I came upon this short shifter and can't believe the difference. Why did I wait so long? The shifting makes the car feel amazing. Well worth the money and installation was a breeze!" -JCranford

"Just installed my second Sigma Five in my second MKlV wagon. I can shift through the whole range without ever lifting my elbow from the arm rest." -User993CC, Ottawa

There is nothing as important to the feel of your car as what you actually touch. This includes the seats, the steering wheel, and of course, the shifter. Many people have mentioned that installing a Sigma 5 Shifter should be the first mod added to a new car. In the pursuit to make our own cars the best they can be, we have created the finest MK4 short shifter with the best materials, engineering, and craftsmanship to transform the way you feel about your car.

 The major difference between our Sigma Short Shift Kit and the competition is that our MK4 short shifter uses all aluminum cable ends with race-proven hardened steel spherical pivot bearings while all other shifters use factory Audi/VW plastic and rubber cable ends which were optimized for economically assembling a car at the factory. Since the OEM cable ends have rubber damping parts and large tolerances, the shifter feel of all other shifters is nowhere near as solid and as precise the Sigma Shifter. With the addition of our Sigma Shifter, your cars shift mechanism will no longer feel like a cable-operated shifter but more like a solid lever shifter from a high-performance rear wheel sports car. We designed the Sigma Shifter aluminum cable ends in the pursuit of shifting excellence and we succeeded! Getting the rubber out of the linkage has an unexpected and profound effect on shifter feel. The shifter becomes light yet very positive, giving the shifter an expensive feel that no other shifter can match.

The Sigma Shifter has excellent picture-rich installation instructions here online (only) and is definitely a do-it-yourself mod for those of you who do not mind getting a little dirty. Every shifter can be installed easily within one hour and you don’t have to remove anything on the bottom of the car to install it. All parts install in the engine bay. Call it an automotive bonding experience!

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The YouTube 5 Speed Sigma Short Shifter Install manual can be found below.

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