Sigma 6 Short Shift Kit for New Beetle Turbo S

"Great piece of kit; both solidly and well made. Thanks dieselgeek!"

"The fit and finish is so sweet. It's a shame you can't see any of it once the airbox is reinstalled ;)."

"Great feel, should have come from the factory like this!...Don't think, just buy it!"

These are just a few customer quotes taken from dozens of product reviews! The Sigma 6 shifter has been transforming the driving experience for years and you can transform your New Beetle Turbo S with one of our short shift kits. Get one now!

US Shipping: We have USPS Priority Mail for $7.99 or FedEx Ground shipping for no more than $9.99.

International shipping: Inexpensive $16 - $23 USPS 1st Class international shipping is available. After calling a bunch of customers who have used 1st Class international shipping, we have found that shifters are usually delivered within 14 days without any taxes charged.

The New Dieselgeek Sigma 6 Short Shifter Install pdf manual has many excellent pictures and is definitely a do-it-yourself mod for those of you who don't mind getting a little dirty. Here is a pair YouTube videos showing removal of the stock shifter and installation of the Sigma 6:


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